Brass Buttons Release Debut EP

by SaskMusic

March 28, 2014 in Artist News

Brass Buttons is thrilled to release their debut self-titled EP with an evening at The Celadon Lounge on April 9, 2014 – 7:30PM.  Marshall Burns (Rah Rah) will perform a solo opening set and there will be a special screening of Brass Buttons’ “Rooftop Performance” video, which was shot above Regina’s former, Buy the Book shop by Don List (Birdsong Communications) on August 24, 2013. 

Regina’s very own Conway & Loretta, Chris Prpich and Carolyn Moser are the heart of a larger and
raucous Brass Buttons, an eight-piece roots/rock/funk/punk group incorporating accomplished musicians from the 13th Ave Records stable. The stripped down duo version of Brass Buttons offers an authentic representation of the process Chris and Carolyn took when creating the songs, before the full band came to be in the picture. 

Crafted at home, unrefined, cozy at the kitchen table with babies in the background, the EP offers up sweet harmonies, intimate picking and grinning and simple down to earth charm. The six tracks mark the first time Chris’ lyrical songwriting and vocals are on display, having written and performed in many other outfits including three-piece instrumental post-country group, The Lazy MK’s and alongside Chris Sleightholm (Snake River) and Marshall Burns in The Lonesome Weekends. It is a first for Carolyn as well in bringing her vocals to the foreground.

The EP release show will also serve as a tour send-off as Brass Buttons plan to hit the road, with dates across western Canada, at the end of April – dates TBA soon.

The title of their tour, and also a cleverly chosen  cover song on the EP, “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly” seems to be a natural and amusing fit for the married musician couple, as they plan to tour as the duo and bring their two young kids along for the ride (along with their friend/caregiver Clair McCashin).  

Chris explains, “…this title seems to sum up the attitude we need to have for this tour, and also one that says our shows are light-hearted and are inspired from a different time. I really wanted to take the whole band, however, we were not sure how that would work with our kids, and possibly other band members’ kids, a van load of gear, stinky musicians and 5000 kms! Also, (with the inspiration for the EP) we wanted something really representational of what we knew we could tour…”

In January 2014, after 18 years of business, Chris and his father closed the doors of their used book, music, and sports memorabilia shop Buy the Book, located in Regina’s Cathedral neighborhood. The store was also homebase to 13th Ave Records, where the basement served as a jam space. While the search for a new jam space continues and the plan to evolve the record label remains a strong focus for Chris and Carolyn, they are excited to set out on this new venture with their debut EP hot off the press and babes in tow.