CIMA Position on Bill C-11

by SaskMusic

December 12, 2011 in Industry News


The Canadian Independent Music Association has created 10 specific recommendations for changes to the federal government’s proposed legislation that will update and change Canada’s copyright laws. The SaskMusic Board of Directors supports these recommendations.

Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act (as it is known) is now being reviewed by a special all-party committee comprising members of parliament, the majority of which are members of the governing Conservative Party. It is expected that this Bill will be passed and approved by Parliament before Christmas, but CIMA would like to see several amendments to the Bill in order to ensure that it truly does protect the rights of creators and copyright holders in the music industry.

CIMA also believes that the government’s respect for the rule of law, and for victims’ rights, must be the foundation of Bill C-11, and any and all other legislation that serves to protect and nourish critical sectors of Canada’s economy.

While Bill C-11 does make in-roads to modernize the Copyright Act in regard to Canada’s obligations under international treaties, CIMA believes that some provisions of this Bill will lead to significant problems for copyright owners in their efforts to protect their rights, determine the use of their works and to enjoy reasonable compensation for their intellectual property.   Hence, CIMA’s proposed recommendations for specific changes to the Bill.

In CIMA’s view, it is critically important that the government ‘get it right’ in terms of ensuring that copyright owners not only have the tools to flourish and be compensated for their efforts, but that effective measures are put in place to protect their intellectual property from being misappropriated or misused.

Complete comments and recommendations (Full letter PDF)