Award Opportunity: Independent Blues Awards 2024

Award Opportunity: Independent Blues Awards 2024

Deadline: January 15, 2024

The independent Blues Awards celebrate the diversity and power of the music that is created by those artists that acknowledge their inspiration and roots are in the blues. These awards will represent not only those “touring” artists who work within the established blues community, but embrace working artists who work in other markets but still acknowledge and honor their roots in the blues. 

Nomination process

1. The nominations are an open process! Artists, Fans, Record Companies, etc all can submit an artist or band for nomination consideration. You may nominate any artist or CD in multiple categories, but you must submit a separate entry for each category.

2. There is NO COST involved to the artist. In this digital age there is no reason to request massive amounts of CD’s from an artist’s inventory. We can use dropbox, WeTransfer, Spotify, Pandora, Reverbnation or any freely available streaming service so our nominators can listen and evaluate the nominated artists and their work.

  • NOTE: It is essential that a nominated artist’s is available on a streaming service or makes their work available as a dropbox link download or both. If you send a dropbox link you will also be considered for inclusion to “LIVE from the Midnight Circus” radio show and a possible featured interview.

3. Once the open nominations are closed the artists who are qualified will be passed onto our Nomination Committee which will consist of music industry professionals, radio programmers and DJ’s who will represent a wide variety of genres. They will evaluate the entries and choose artists that best represents each category for them. They will submit their picks to Making a Scene where committee nominations will be compiled and the final list of nominated artists will be created for each category.

4. The Nominations will run from December 10, 2023 to January 15, 2024. The nomination committee will evaluate the entries and return the results to Making A Scene by April 15 2024. Public voting will begin on May 15 2024 and close on August 31 2024. The results will be published on September 15, 2024.

5. The final nominated artists will be presented as an open vote on “” and all winners will be determined by that final vote. The voting page will links and relevant streaming media for each nominee so each person who wants to cast a vote will have the opportunity to explore each nominated artists and their work.

6. All decisions by “Making a Scene” will be Final.

Click here for more information and to apply.