Mentorship Opportunity: 2024 Girl Connected - Applications Now Open

Mentorship Opportunity: 2024 Girl Connected - Applications Now Open

Application Deadline Unknown

Deadline: January 31, 2024

Girl Connected seeks to empower women working in the performing & art space with a platform that provides tools and resources necessary to inspire success and growth.


Girl Connected is an organization that seeks to empower determined women professionals with a multilevel, local to global platform that provides the necessary framework towards professional success, inspiration, and growth. Through their programming, consisting of in-person and online events, as well as a global mentorship initiative (GCMP) participants are able to evolve their careers, grow their ideas, and build meaningful relationships with fellow peers in the music business. 

Their events and special projects provide the community with guidance on how to overcome challenges and where to direct their attention when it comes to achieving their dreams and attaining success. Selected guest speakers engage with the audience by sharing their insights on how to build influence, exert power and create a positive culture.


The Girl Connected Mentorship Program (GCMP) provides 20 aspiring women professionals the chance to participate in a curriculum based mentorship program assisted by an industry-giant based on their field of interest, professional ambitions and goals. The GCMP program combines project based assignments per stream managed by program instructors, auxiliary workshops, professional coaching, participation in planning and execution of GC Events, and encourages reflective career guidance through exploration of industry interests.

Mentees also have the opportunity to work and share space on a weekly basis with the Girl Connected program leaders to truly ensure they are provided with the tools they need to succeed. GCMP enriches our community through empowerment, inclusion and support in and beyond our mentee program. We engage our programming and welcome connections through conversation, shared opportunities, collaboration potential, and resources within the industry at large.

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