Education and Mentorship Opportunity: Keychange Talent Development Programme 2023

Education and Mentorship Opportunity: Keychange Talent Development Programme 2023

Deadline to Apply: September 28, 2022

Deadline: September 28, 2022

Keychange have launched the open call for their talent development programme for 2023! Are you an exceptional artist or music business professional? Are you ready for the next level? Then Keychange are looking for you! Each year Keychange supports 74 brilliant women and gender minority talent from 12 countries to take the next stage in their career.


Keychange supports women and gender minority Artists and Innovators to take part in an extensive talent development programme of showcases, panels, workshops, mentoring and creative sessions. The year-long programme takes place at 13 festivals across Europe and Canada, including 2 full network meet-ups in February and September. As well as exporting opportunities, the Keychange talent development programme helps participants to get to the next stage in their career through targeted training. 

As a Keychange participant you will be part of an amazing network of women and gender minorities from all over the world. Ultimately what you get out of Keychange will also depend on how much you can commit to Keychange, but we have a passionate network of individuals and organisations who will work with you to support your development. The Keychange programme aims to develop you, and make you feel part of change in the music industry. 

Keychange and partners invest an average of €9,000 per participant towards holistic support which significantly impacts their creative and career progression.

What all participants will get:

- A full network meet-up in Brussels, Belgium*

- A full network meet-up at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany*

- A showcase or a panel at one of our 13 festival partners*

- Capacity building with a bespoke training programme

- Mentoring possibility via the we.grow programme in partnership with

- Promotion via Keychange channels and networks

- Access to a dedicated networking platform for Keychange participants

*COVID-19 permitting. If you are unable to travel, we will provide suitable online alternatives.


More details & to apply at: