Showcase Opportunity: The New Colossus Festival 2023

Showcase Opportunity: The New Colossus Festival 2023

Happening at New York City's Lower East Side, Mar 8-12, 2023. Deadline: Nov 1/22

Deadline: November 1, 2022

Who is New Colossus Festival & What Are They Looking for?

The New Colossus Festival is a celebration of live music focusing on emerging artists from around the world. We take a slightly different approach and prioritize the artists' careers by putting together a comprehensive series of showcases targeted to the music industry, press, and local fans. We have also built this annual event as a space for likeminded artists to connect with one another because we all know that is where the magic really happens. What we are looking for from artists is based on three factors:

There may be opportunities to earn compensation based on venue door deals. Please keep in mind, unlike a traditional gig, this is a showcase which is a 30min set with the main purpose of being seen by "buyers" such as industry: booking agents, record label A&R, managers, sync licensing, and fans. 

​A Note for International Artists:

Proper authorization such as a visa is required by law for most non-citizens to enter the US and do business. Applicants who are invited to perform will agree to take full responsibility for knowing what they may need to travel and work in the US including covering any fees associated with obtaining authorization. 

​Application Fee:

There's a non-refundable $100 application fee which covers basic administrative costs. 


​Applications are open for the New Colossus Festival, taking place March 8-12, 2023! Application deadline is November 1, 2022 - please visit their website linked below for more details: