Licensing Opportunity: Nelvana's

Licensing Opportunity: Nelvana's "Treehouse Direct" Animated Digital Music Videos

All genres welcome.

Open Deadline

Nelvana is producing animated digital music videos for their "Treehouse Direct" YouTube channel directed at preschoolers (ages 2 to 5) with some super sing-able songs! They are looking for songwriters to submit original songs that are fun, simple and in line with the various styles of music that are trending today in popular culture. Toon Bops aims to give the preschool crowd their very own viral hits to sing and bop along to. They welcome all genres, and styles of music and Nelvana will seek to select composers from a wide range of backgrounds with unique and diverse stories to tell. Songs must be positive, catchy and feel like they could live in a modern space.

Please note: Only S.A.C. member can access this opportunity.

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