POP Montreal 2019 - Showcase Opportunity

POP Montreal 2019 - Showcase Opportunity

September 25-29, 2019 in Montreal, QC

Deadline: May 12, 2019

POP Montreal International Music Festival is an annual not-for-profit curated cultural event that champions independence in the arts by presenting emerging and celebrated artistic talents from around the world. Delivering a bold cross-section of art forms and events, the festival includes concerts, symposium discussions, artisan and visual art exhibitions, fashion shows, film screenings, and, of course, a few all-night parties.

For musicians and artists, fans, curators, critics, record labels and industry, POP Montreal is the North American festival that provides a dynamic introduction to the next generation of musical talent and independent art forms.

November 8 - December 1, 2018: $20 CAD
December 2 - January 1, 2019: $25 CAD
January 2 - May 12, 2019: $30 CAD

For more information and to apply to showcase, CLICK HERE.