SOCAN Travel Assistance - Grant Application

SOCAN Travel Assistance - Grant Application

Open Deadline

Grants are provided to SOCAN composers, writers, and music publishers across all genres of music to assist with travel-related costs for career-building or career-defining activities in Canada or abroad.

Priority for approval will be given to applications demonstrating the importance of the activity to the applicant’s career.

Activities that are eligible could include, but are not limited to:

  • award presentations
  • collaborations
  • important performances
  • residencies
  • showcases
  • workshops

Maximum grant levels are limited to:

  • $400 for travel between 201 and 1000 km one way;
  • $600 for travel between 1001 and 2000 km one way;
  • $800 for travel between 2001 and 5000 km one way;
  • $1000 for travel over 5000 km one way.

Applicants may receive only one (1) Travel Assistance Grant per calendar year.

To be eligible, all applicants must provide a letter of confirmation or invitation to attend the event or project activity.

To be eligible, music publishers must represent works by at least four (4) SOCAN members.

Application must be submitted before the activity starts.

NOTE: Activities that are funded by the Travel Assistance Program are ineligible to receive funding from the Professional Development Assistance Program.

Results will be announced within ten (10) weeks of submission.

For more information and to apply for SOCAN Travel Assistance, CLICK HERE.