Sum Theatre Performances

The Last Sunday: Saskatoon

Open Deadline

Sum Theatre has launched a music/theatre performance series called The Last Sunday and is seeking musical acts. Each month a band/performer will play 3 songs with an emphasis on new songs or songs that have a particular relevance to current events. Audience sizes range from 50-250 people. Audiences meet on Broadway to be escorted to a top-secret location where they are treated to an evening of food, art, dialogue, and community-building. 

To submit, send a short email with links to your music to Artistic Associate Charlie Peters: sumtheatreassociate(at)

Long Description: 

The series began in September and will continue at least until June. On the last Sunday evening of each month Sum is producing a truly unique artistic happening combining music and theatre with interviews and opinions - in a free, fun event! Audiences will meet on Broadway and be escorted to a top-secret location where they will be treated to an evening of food, art, dialogue, and community-building.

Art has a unique ability to respond to and help us process current events. Each month, a playwright is tasked with crafting an original 10-minute play responding to the current events of the month. A small group of actors bring it to life for the first time at The Last Sunday. A local personality offers a rant on an issue/issues of their choice, a band or musician is invited to share new music and songs that they feel are relevant to current events, a relevant guest attends for a hot-seat interview about their connection to the news/events/issues of the day. All this is followed by food and discussion among those who’ve gathered to participate.

The Last Sunday has an underground feel, favouring relevance over long preparation and timeliness over polish. It feels different each month, because, in a rapidly-changing world, each month is radically different than the last. The Last Sunday is an invitation to engage with the world, engage with local art, and engage with each other.