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Creative Kids connects children and youth to unique, life-changing artistic and cultural experiences in their community. They provide financial support to Saskatchewan families so all kids have an opportunity to participate in creative activities like drama, art, dance, heritage, and music. They believe that cultural and creative activities are fundamental to the positive growth and development of children and youth, and are critical to a healthy, vibrant community, and that all children and youth should have the opportunity to participate in cultural and creative activities regardless of economic or social barriers.

Parents who meet the criteria and have children that would like to participate in creative activities can apply for funding. Just choose a creative activity that your kids would enjoy, fill out the application form and submit it.

There are many ways other ways to get involved with Creative Kids:
• Donate: 100% of every donation goes directly to kids. It sounds too good to be true, but their administrative costs are paid by SaskCulture, their parent non-profit organization, so they have zero overhead. All donations over $20 can receive a charitable donation tax receipt.
• Raise Funds: Get together with your friends, family, coworkers or customers, and have fun raising money. $750 will fund a Creative Kid for a whole year!
• Become a Sponsor or Partner: If you’re looking for a great cause and a creative partner who will find a unique way to involve and thank you, consider Creative Kids.
• Become a Service Provider: Offer the connection between children and creative activities. Service Providers range from piano teachers offering private lessons from their homes to businesses with private and group lessons, to non-profit organizations that run, artistic, heritage and cultural programming for youth.

For more info or to apply:

 2018 application deadlines:

    January 26                     For activities beginning in February, including February break
    March 2                          For activities beginning in April, including April break
    June 8                            For summer activities or early registration for fall activities
    August 17                       For activities that begin in September and follow the school year
    December 7                   For activities beginning in January