Be the Light album cover

Be the Light

Amanda Hagel

May 2021

With a great deal of patience, persistence and long waited inspired guidance, Inspirational/Country music artist Amanda Hagel released her highly anticipated 4th studio album titled "Be the Light" in May of 2021. Amanda felt the delivery of the Release was essential during a time in the world where the deeper meaning & message of the title track, Be the Light, was needed the most.

As an Inspirational Artist, Amanda's calling and mission has always been to create music that uplifts, inspires and speaks to the hearts of those that are meant to listen. Each track on the record tells its own unique story personal to Amanda's experiences directly intertwined with the promptings of her heart. The album showcases the depth of Amanda's writing featuring previous single releases   What Brand of Country are You, Her Own Drum, Angel Lullaby and Amanda's most recent uplifting single, Be the Light! 

Working with producers Jesse Weiman and Bart McKay and a cast of incredible musicians, Amanda and her team carefully crafted a sound and style that captivated the essence and energy of each track and its deeper meaning. For Amanda, the creation of music has always been about the feeling and connection it generates with her listeners. With each release Amanda's intention and hope is always that the music reaches those that are meant to hear it! 

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