The Denisovan album cover

The Denisovan

Before & Apace

May 2021

THE DENISOVAN by Before & Apace is a full length (4-song, 52 minute) heavy progressive rock offering that draws from the same well as Tool, Meshuggah, and The Mars Volta, 

Orchestrating four ambitious compositions that traverse fragility to brutality, sparsity to density, primitiveness to complexity, THE DENISOVAN explores a collection of themes that describe and inform the human condition: from Zeno (evoking Zeno’s paradox and meant in part to be a commentary on the trappings of parsing one’s ambitions to the point of incapacitation) to Limbics (which explores the positive/negative dichotomy of embracing anger); from Ontogeny (referencing Haeckel’s theory that “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” and exploring the concept that humans and our interconnection to our world can be reduced to microcosmic patterns – fun fact: the main riff of the song is a microcosm of the song structure as a whole) to Simultanagnosia (a neurological disorder characterized by the inability to perceive elements as components of a whole – and an allusion to virulent life imbalance).

The first single, Ontogeny, was released on Apr. 28, 2021 and the full album will be available on May 11, 2021.

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