Just Before Sunrise album cover

Just Before Sunrise

Jeffery Straker

May 2021

On May 7, 2021 singer-songwriter pianist Jeffery Straker released his latest full-length recording, “Just Before Sunrise”. The roots/folk/singer-songwriter album is described as a 'soundtrack of reflection' that reveals an optimistic outcome. In a way it asks the listener, ‘Where have you been? Where are you headed? Where would you like to be headed’? Written and recorded in the wake of the sudden loss of his mother these songs speak to the life long need to dream, to belong and to matter. The 10 song work produced in partnership with Russell Broom also features 2 co-writes/co-productions with Royal Wood. Singles have seen several playlist placements (Spotify, Amazon) spanning the roots, folk and country genres. Influences include: Harry Chapin, Murray McLaughlin, Billy Joel, Lori McKenna. In addition to online release concerts partnering with venues across Canada, 45 backyard shows are booked this summer to perform the new music within pandemic restrictions.

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