Leave the Bikini atoll Nightlight Plugged In album cover

Leave the Bikini atoll Nightlight Plugged In

Drama Queen Martyr

June 2018

Drama Queen Martyr (aka Shawn Mackenzie) is an acoustic artist and songwriter from Saskatoon. Mackenzie’s fourth full-length is a volume of nineteen songs exploring all the gushy feelings that explode inside the human heart when two people share a coupe de foudre experience. Written and recorded with friend and Kingston musician, Nadia Pacey (aka solo artist Konig), the album features the haunting voices of these two artists along with stripped-down strings. The effect is a very personal record that leads to great self-reflection while wrapped up in headphones on a warm evening. Recorded at: Workhorse Recording Company, Saskatoon. Produced by: Shawn Mackenzie. Released: June 15, 2018.

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