Hypersigil Megaprayer album cover

Hypersigil Megaprayer


June 2018

While maintaining a firm eye on the dancefloor, and delivering all of the glitched-out basslines and hard-hitting grooves that Sleepwreck fans have come to expect, this project invites listeners to participate in something more profound than the empty merrymaking typical of EDM in the new millennium. This ambitious concept album of genre-defying electronica is made for dancing, for singing, for mourning, and for exploring alternate realities. It’s intended to be taken in as a single continuous mix, a celebration and a call-to-action, a collective incantation for the positive transformation of our selves, our culture, and our world. Recorded at: home studio, Saskatoon. Produced by: Jesse Selkirk. Released: June 21, 2018.

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