Buffalo 409 album cover

Buffalo 409

Stereo Playground

September 2017

The second EP from this Northern Sask. rock band, Buffalo 409 comes out of the gate swinging. A four-track follow-up to 2016 EP “Music To Feel In Your Plums,” it amplifies the shredding rock sound the band is becoming known for. With crashing drums, hard-hitting vocals, and crunchy guitar riffs galore, they’ve stepped it up and ripped the volume knob clean off. Members are Justin Vany (guitar/vocals), Warren Kendrick (lead guitar/vocals), John Sanders (bass), and Tory Wildeman (drums), the EP’s title pays homage to the prairie municipality where many of them grew up.

Recorded at: Workhorse Recording Company, Saskatoon. Produced by: Troy S.G. Denet. Released:  September 26, 2017

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