Join us this weekend for a virtual Very Prairie!

Very Prairie

Very Prairie 2021 is a multi-day virtual music summit focused on career growth, business development and best practices. We'll play host to national and international representatives as we dive into an array of topics. Registration is FREE, and we encourage musicians and industry at any stage of their career to attend, learn and share. See the full schedule, panelist bios and registration information on

2021 delegates joining us are David 'Click' Cox, CLK Creative Works; Colleen Krueger, Flemish Eye Records; Niko Stratis, Switchblade Music Group; Crystal Shawanda, New Sun Music; Melissa Vincent, Content Strategist; Vanessa Cito, Reach; Elsa Gebremichael, WILDBLACK; Adam Kreeft, It's a School Night/Merch Tent; Kurt Dahl, Entertainment Lawyer; Dan Hand, Inside Pocket; Neena Sharma, URBNET; Susan Busse, Susan Busse PR; Matt Maw, Red Music Rising; Marvin Chan, Trifecta Sound Co.; Eliza Doyle, CAMP; Lenore Maier, Grey Records/Manitou Bougaloo; Sheryl Kimbley, Voices of the North; Amanda Kingsland, Country 101.1 FM Ottawa (Girl Power Hour); Paul Tuch, Nielsen (Now called MRC Data); Hayley Muir, CJSW; Kimberly Sinclair, Spin Count; Stevie Smith, Americana UK; Danny Keir, Enki Music; Adele Slater, Paradigm Agency; Charles Watson, Musician; Pip Newby, Friends Vs Records; Feedy Frizzi, MBF Music.

Saturday February 27

10:00am Fostering Community in Music
Join innovative thinkers and community builders from across the province as they discuss the importance of fostering community within their networks, while discussing how their actions help fill the needs of a growing music scene.

11:00am Artist Teams: How to Build Yours
Building a team can provide much-needed support and guidance in an artist’s career. Take a closer look at the distinct roles of an artist’s team and what each member is looking for when they take on new acts.

​12:00pm The Hunt For Radio Play
Even with streaming on the rise, radio continues to be one of the biggest drivers of music discovery. We’ll hear from reps of both commercial and community radio and find out more about radio tracking and how charting numbers work.

​Sunday February 28

10:00am How to Not Screw Up Your Album Release
There are a lot of things to think about before you release music into the world, from the leadup to roll out. In this session we’ll dissect best practices to ensure your music gets heard.

​11:00am Creating Social Content Without Losing Your Mind
There’s a lot of pressure on artists to be actively producing engaging content. We’ll discuss best practices for making, posting, and sharing content in an impactful way that also promotes audience growth.

12:00pm TikTok and the Musician
Join entertainment lawyer and SaskMusic President, Kurt Dahl for this deep dive into TikTok, as he breaks down what musicians need to know, how royalties work and how the platform is impacting the industry as a whole.

1:00pm Export: UK Markets
Join an assortment of international delegates as they take a deep dive into the specifics of UK markets in a post COVID and BREXIT landscape.

2:00pm Export: International Showcasing
Join an assortment of international delegates as they dissect the world of international showcasing opportunities.



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