May 21, 2020

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Creating in Crisis

Creating in Crisis: Tapping into the Creative Process to Access Coping Skills and Vitality. Monday, May 25 at 7:30pm Online

As members of the music community, we might feel pressure to be prolific and overproduce in these times. The truth of it is we are in the midst of a pandemic - your mind, body, and emotions might need some space to process, and being overly productive just might not be in the cards. Tack on longing to get back out there and play, with the 'not knowing' and loss of income, and we have potential for fear, anxiety, and feeling low.

In our workshop we will learn how all of these pressures impact our nervous system (our brain and body) and learn coping skills that will help us to feel more grounded and in flow. We will access our creativity and inner vision through sound meditation and by creating with a different kind of art than you might be used to - visual art such as drawing, painting, and sculpture to create intuitively. Setting down the instrument and working with different media can take the pressure off of productivity. It helps us to see past the product and anchor into the process that can reveal to us hidden wisdom. 

This workshop is part education, part meditation, and part creation. The intention is that you will leave feeling a little bit lighter and a lot more inspired by your own inner potential.



SCMA Awards

2020 Saskatchewan Country Music Association Award Winners

The 2020 Saskatchewan Country Music Awards went virtual on Saturday! Included in the three hour show was 18 virtual performances and 32 virtual award presentations! Congratulations to the SCMA for adapting to the online format and to all of the nominees and winners! Here are some of the artistic award highlights:

Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year - Hunter Brothers

Female Artist - Tenille Arts

Male Artist - Chris Henderson

Group Of The Year - Hunter Brothers

Single Of The Year - Hunter Brothers "Lost"

Songwriter Of the Year - "Somebody Like That" Composers: Tenille Arts, Alex Kline & Allison Veltz (Performed by Tenille Arts)

Album Of the Year - Hunter Brothers "State of Mind"

Video Of the Year - "Some People" J.J. Voss (Director: Joel Stewart and Pre-Historic Productions)

Emerging Artist Of the Year - Jordyn Pollard

Interactive Artist or Group Of the Year - Lisa Moen

Roots Artist Of the Year - J.J. Voss

Full list of the awards 



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Live Stream Sask

Are You Doing A Streaming Concert? Let Us Know!

We are also looking to help promote your upcoming streaming concerts/release parties, and to help provide this information for media. Please tag your social posts with #LiveStreamSask; you can also send details directly to (graphics appreciated!). The more notice you can provide us with the better, with some media outlets preparing "coming up this week" announcements!




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Merch Monday

Creative Saskatchewan Seeking Artists for #MerchMonday

Every #MerchMonday, Creative Saskatchewan plans to spread the word on social media about merchandise for sale by Saskatchewan's creative entrepreneurs. Everything's on the table from works of art, to promotional swag, to download links. 

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Career Tracks

Featured Career Tracks Mentor: Adrienne LaBelle

Adrienne LaBelle is the Project Coordinator at Mint Records and a musician based out of Vancouver, BC. She has been involved in the Vancouver music community since 2007 as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, recording artist, and performer. She has played in several projects over the years, including Aunts & Uncles, Movieland, Cult Babies, Supermoon, Energy Slime, Jay Arner and most recently, Garbage Dreams.

Adrienne joins the Career Tracks program to provide consultation and assistance with questions concerning:  grant writing, tour booking, A&R, radio tracking, event organizing, PR, and all the many other things that may come up in the span of a day at a small but busy label. 

Career Tracks offers confidential, one-on-one assistance to artists and music professionals. SaskMusic members can meet with our team to discuss career plans, marketing strategies, touring, songwriting and copyright, funding and grant applications, demo critiques/reviews, industry trends, or other relevant music topics.

To book a consult with Adrienne or to read more about our mentors, click HERE


RWG promo

The monthly Songwriters groups are currently meeting online via Zoom. Please check out their Facebook groups for more information about the next meeting.

Saskatoon group info:

Regina group info:


M for Montreal

The call for artists to apply for M POUR MONTRÉAL/M FOR MONTREAL has been extended until June 1! M for Montreal takes place from Nov. 18 - 21, 2020. It's an opportunity to perform in front of more than 200 music industry professionals from around the world, eager to make discoveries and new connections.

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Cultural Careers


Creative Sask CEO

Creative Saskatchewan is seeking its next CEO

Creative Saskatchewan is a provincial Crown agency established in 2013 to stimulate the commercialization of creative products and bring Saskatchewan’s creative talent to market. The agency invests in the commercial success of creative entrepreneurs by administering a comprehensive suite of grant and equity investment programs focussed on production, marketing, business capacity and export.

The CEO will oversee the distribution strategy of the Creative Saskatchewan Investment Fund, ensuring that the agency continues to foster, develop and promote the commercial capacity of Saskatchewan’s creative industries, while ensuring that strategic initiatives are operationalized, partnerships are strengthened, and expectations are exceeded.

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