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SaskMusic will honour excellence, and celebrate the achievements of our music industry members over the past year, with the Saskatchewan Music Awards. The awards will be held in conjunction with Saskatchewan Music Week in our province (Nov 25-Dec 2/2018), and will be held on Nov 25 in Regina. It is FREE to submit nominations!

We're giving you a small deadline extension to submit your nominations for the SMAs! If you haven't yet, please check out the criteria and get your submissions ready - most of the categories require a small written piece that you will need to prepare, in addition to song submissions for the Artist of the Year and Producer categories. If you have any questions you can reach us at this email or call in to 1-800-347-0676 during regular office hours.


  • My genre isn't listed.
    Don't worry - all styles of music can submit and are encouraged to do so. The category titles are very broad indicators of who might submit in each, but they actually encompass many more styles. Artists can call us if they're unsure about a category. You can also submit in more than one category if you're right on the line between categories. 
  • Can I nominate myself?
    Absolutely, we are asking for materials that are best written/provided by the prospective nominee themselves. 
  • What should a producer statement include?
    It could include your background as a producer, list of collaborations/artists you've worked with, and any highlights/awards and unique qualities to your work. It's a statement that will help the jury get to know you and be considered alongside your musical submissions. (Remember it should specifically include work/highlights from the eligibility period.) 

Submissions will close at 5pm CST on October 23, 2018.

PS: Please share this message with deserving industry members/companies regarding nominations for the Industry award categories: Industry Achievement Award (which is a very broad category recognizing excellence in the provision of skills and/or services by those helping to build the music industry in Saskatchewan), Venue of the Year, and Producer of the Year


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Thank you for helping to make our 2018 SMAs a success!


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