Saskatchewan Videos

Two Gold Teeth Live on The Billy Block Show

J.J. Voss

The Billy Block Show. Live from Nashville, Tennessee at 12th and Porter.



Ryan Hill has been producing experimental music since roughly 2000 under the name Guidewire. Hill has explored everything from dance music to soundscapes and has used almost every method known to get there.

Always Together


Absofunkinlutely - Always Together live at Buds On Broadway.


Rah Rah

Rah Rah music video for "Fuck NAFTA" .Uploaded on Sept 8, 2009

Sad Song (Live)

Jeffery Straker

Live performance of Sad Song at the Mae Wilson Theatre.

Step Off the Map and Float

Library Voices

Performed for their fundraiser encore. The fundraiser was held after $10,000 worth of gear was stolen.


Jeffery Straker

Recorded live for TV at the Mae Wilson Theatre in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This tune was chosen as a top Canadian 10 finalist in the Mountain Stage Newsong Songwriting Contest ('09).


One Bad Son

Music video for 'Rustbucket' by Saskatoon's One Bad Son. Footage from their recent NXNE showcases in Toronto, Canada.


Jeffery Straker

Director, Alex Colthart - Rawfootage Productions." Hypnotized" Official Music Video cracked into the Much More Music Canada top 10 charts in April/May/June 09!!

Sad Song

Jeffery Straker

Jeffery Straker's music video for Sad Song.

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