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shot by RUSTGOD

I Ride an Old Paint

Colter Wall

"I Ride an Old Paint/Leaving Cheyenne" is a traditional cowboy song.

Shot by Little Jack Films 2019.


Drum Machine


'Drum Machine' by Rumpus is out now on Westwood X:

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Official Website:

Spotify: RUMPUS

Directed by : Nathan Thoen Filmed by: Nathan Thoen, Anothony Thoen, Dilly Bat

Set and costume design: Iryss Opal

Main actors : John Early & Iryss Opal

Lighting: Ethan S’moore

*Participation made possible through Creative Saskatchewan’s Market and Export Development Grant Program*

Thank Ya

Alex Bent + The Emptiness

Directed by Gavin Baird

Production company: DVI

Starring: Ryan Wray (Shot on location at the Remai Modern)

Additional vocals by Teagan Burke

Strings by Emmett Fortosky

Mixed by Matthew Facca of Facca Audio

Mastered by Trevor Case

"Baby" album available August 23. (


Days Like That

Shayla Souliere

Video by: Munz Media

Director: TannerGoetz

DP: Chris Shikanai

Arts Director: Andrew Parry

Artist: Shayla Souliere

Actor: Mishka Tsymbal

Hair: Richelle Eberts

Makeup: Clara Edvi


Buy the track here:

Song Written by Shayla Souliere, AJ Afterparty, Brooke Williams

Song Produced by AJ Afterparty

Mixed & Mastered by AJ Afterparty

Vehicle supplied by Bennett Dunlop Ford

Official Website:

Moth feat. Tianda

Goodbye Yokai

Published July 19, 2019

Music by Goodbye Yokai and Tianda performing Moth.

Goodbye Yokai -

KingxOaks -

Nono Ryan -

Tianda -

Preorder Moth on Itunes Save Moth on Spotify -

Directed by - Visuals by David -

The Forty-Ninth Parallel

Kacy & Clayton

From the new album 'Carrying On,' available October 4

Sunny Adams - Director & Editor

Ian Campbell - Camera & Lighting Lead

Morgan Jones & Eric Hill - Production Assistant

Gina Brass - Makeup Artist & Hair

Chernobyl Chicken

Randy Doran

One of my most popular songs. I wanted to write a song to make people laugh a little.  It was a tough time when the oil industry crashed here in Calgary and I had hoped to put a smile on peoples faces.

Ocean Clear

The Sunset Kids

The Sunset Kids - Ocean Clear This music video was directed by Gabriel Adelman and shot in Vancouver, BC. It features performances from bandmates Josh Palmer and Ellaya Zampieri.

Stream or Download Ocean Clear:

And It Hurts

Trash Hawks

Directed by Mitch Goetz.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Dimas at Grind Central Records.

Actors: Neil Lutz, Kurtis Rothecker, Piper Burns, Cullen Angus, Devon Dozlaw, Josh Rogers

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