Saskatchewan Videos

That Sweet Orchestra Sound

Kacy & Clayton


Leah Mertz





Latest video from this live hip hop/funk/rock five-piece from Regina. Filmed by Adam Loran. Off their recent EP, "The LizardMang", available on bandcamp:


Smiling Wide

Annie MacLeod

Hunter Brothers: Silo Session - O Holy Night

Hunter Brothers

Hunter Brothers singing the classic "O Holy Night"

Gabriel's Message (The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came)

Catherine Lewans

Executive Producer: Catherine Lewans

Musical Production: Catherine Lewans

Musical Arrangement: Catherine Lewans

Artistic Direction: Catherine Lewans

Videography: Erik Paquette

Editing: Erik Paquette Lighting: Erik Paquette

Acting: Michael Gonari, Jeremy Beler, Kelsey Beler, Orin Beler, Ethan Kostyk, Thomas Cratty, Mark Cooke

Am I The Only One?

Elly Thorn

Close your eyes and picture ‘Home Alone Mom’ Catherine O’Hara singing this song when she realizes she ‘forgot Kevin!’ This upbeat, FUN, chaotic Christmas single will have you smiling, chuckling, reminiscing, and triggering your nerves thinking about the CRAZINESS of the beautiful, yet overwhelming time of year. Happy Holidays!

Shed a Little Light

The North Sound

Filmed and Produced by Nolita Studios

Xero FG - Nocturnal Emissions

Spencer Rayner

An original solo bass composition.


The Whiskey Jerks

Shot in Gillian's Living Room in 2016, Myron Glova did a great job capturing The Whiskey Jerks performing their song Run - watch for the cameo appearance of the famous 'Wall-Eyed Clyde' at the very end of the video!

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