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Brenden Claypool
Regina, SK

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Coherency is a four piece alternative rock band that hails from Regina, Saskatchewan that blends decades of disparate musical and ideological influences into a cohesive sound that is sure to grab your attention. Coherency is composed of lead vocalist, lead and rhythm guitarist Brenden Claypool, rhythm guitarist Eric Kristjansson, bass guitarist Matthew Webb, and drummer Chris Sawcyn. Bren is the main songwriter in the band and draws from a wide variety of experiences, ideas, musical influences and humanity in general in his songwriting. Eric fills out the other half of the rhythm guitar equation with style. While Eric has played guitar for some time, Coherency is the first band worthy of his presence. Matt provides bass guitar out of the ashes of a former guitar player which is evident in the melodic and rhythmic bass guitar lines he adds to the mix. Chris provides drums and background vocals in live and studio settings, as well as additional guitar tracks in the studio. He often collaborates with Brenden on aspects of the songwriting process as well.

Coherency is a true independent band. The punk rock ethos of DYI allow more focus on the music and the conversation with the listener than could be achieved otherwise. In keeping with these ideals, Coherency self-released their first EP entitled Shades of Aura on December 1, 2010, a six song collection that is a true representation of the band.



  • Shades of Aura

    Various Artists

    December 2010


A Presence of Absence

From Shades of Aura


From Shades of Aura


From Shades of Aura


  • Nine Pound Virus

    Coherency playing Nine Pound Virus at a show in 2007

  • Apathy

    The official music video for the single “Apathy” by Coherency, from the upcoming album Cognitive Dissonance, releasing worldwide on June 16, 2018. Filmed by Coherency and Dustin Hassard.