Glenn Sutter

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Genres: Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock


Glenn Sutter
26 Bole Place
Regina, SK, S4S 3W7

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Listening to Glenn Sutter (‘sue-ter’), either solo or with his band Rivertime, is like catching up with an old friend. After getting bogged down with the stress and complexities of daily life, you suddenly feel a sense of contentment and are reminded of what’s truly important. With his uplifting brand of folk-rock, Sutter’s honest, smart, and emotional songs have been catching the attention of music lovers across Saskatchewan and beyond for almost a decade. 

A lifelong, classically-trained musician, Sutter released his debut CD All You Need in 2008, produced by WCMA-winner David j Taylor. One of the tracks - a song about global issues called Weight of the World - brought national exposure when it became the Saskatchewan track on David Suzuki's Playlist for the Planet (CBC Radio3). This led to a 2010 live collaboration with Brett Dolter (B.D. Willoughby) called Seeds, and a 2011 solo release called Sweet Happiness, again produced by Taylor. Sutter has spent the last few years playing local shows, touring, and writing new songs. The result is a stunning third solo album. Released in 2015, Let the Dog Run is a folk-rock gem chock full of hope, optimism, and honesty, produced by Mark Schmidt.



  • Let The Dog Run

    Various Artists

    March 2016

    Regina folk­‐rocker Sutter’s third album contains a mix of straight-­‐ahead rockers, acoustic tunes, and piano ballads. The record ranges from reflections on worldly concerns to insights about personal resilience, through themes of renewal and restoration, trials and tribulations, and the importance of gratitude. With a PhD in biology and a long-term career as Curator of Human Ecology at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Glenn finds many song ideas in his work, with tunes based on personal insights and experiences and use nature as guided imagery to explore broad ideas. Produced by: Mark Schmidt. Recorded at: Blue Door Recording, Regina. More info: