Don't Rush the Brush - Music Cartoon

Ty the T-Rex

BRUSH your TEETH (and please don't RUSH it)! - Encouraging young ones to brush their teeth (maybe to this song) might be the way to help them brush many times a day. This toe-tapping tune features vocals by Andy Walls as Rudy Rooster (Raptor), Sheldon Corbett on Saxophone, Glenn Ens playing drums, and Paul Runalls on guitar and bass guitar. CHAT PRODUCTIONS makes music cartoons for preschool children to entertain and support their learning development socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

Plane Ride


“Plane Ride” is about a child’s very first plane ride as sung by Emma Wood.  It shows a young girl’s excitement as well as apprehension on her first flight.  Your first plane ride can be scary, even for an adult! CHAT PRODUCTIONS make cartoons and music for children to entertain and support their learning and development cognitively, socially, and emotionally.


The Hourhand: Porcelain Veins

The Hourhand

Original song by The Hourhand. For more visit

The Hourhand: Time (Pink Floyd Cover)

The Hourhand

Live video from their performance at Telemiracle 41


Too Soon Monsoon

Off their EP, 'Little Fire', released July 2017

Hook In My Mouth

Pete Oldridge

Deemed to be, at times, "eerily like the Beatles" by CBC Radio, Pete Oldridge, singer and songwriter of The Urban Monks, has never shied away from admitting the foursome are his primary influence. Among his infectious pop riffs and melodies, Oldridge also nods to Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, Arcade Fire and Spoon. The '60s influence that is apparent at first listen is accompanied by an eclecticism that makes this band worthwhile. Some songs are upbeat, some quiet, all the while each song seems effortlessly laced with smart lyrics and catchy melodies that make you dance.

This is the first single of their album "Approach A Void" which has yet to be released. 

Video directed, shot and edited by Eric Yu
2nd Camera: Ben Kane
Production Assistant: Steven Yu

Hook In My Mouth was composed by Pete Oldridge. Produced by Pete Oldridge and Rob McFee. Engineered by Rob McFee and Nick Iden.

Terror In The Land

The Great Fuss

Filmed at Black Fox Farm and Distillery, Saskatoon, SK 
Filmed by Landon Johnson

Set Yourself Right

The Great Fuss

Live music video.  Shot at Black Fox Farm and Distillery, Saskatoon, Sk 2016. 

Video by Little Jack Films

How It Goes

The Great Fuss

Video Credits - Landon Johnson, Little Jack Films ( 

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