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SaskMusic is excited to launch an innovative pilot project that we believe is a “first” among Canadian music industry associations.

As the music industry becomes increasingly “virtual”, fewer and fewer Saskatchewan artists are manufacturing physical recordings when they create an album, which has resulted in a unique situation in recent years: media professionals and other industry VIPs, who formerly received multitudes of promotional copies of albums in the mail, are no longer receiving the latest releases at all. This leaves local and national media scrambling to research what has come out, and be able to provide adequate coverage. This situation has impacted a variety of user groups, as will be noted below.

To address this need, SaskMusic is building a unique virtual portal where our artists will be able to upload their releases (both audio singles and/or full albums, including high quality photographs, information on the album, biographies, and more), and select which user groups they which to allow access. Media and industry professionals will be able to login as needed for their work to download or preview new Saskatchewan albums and information from our library. Additionally, SaskMusic will send out a “New Releases Hotsheet” on a bi-weekly basis to inform media of what’s been newly released and added into the library.

This will hopefully be of enormous benefit to Saskatchewan artists in several ways. They only have to upload their material once, and it will be distributed to key contacts without having to spend extra money manufacturing promotional CDs or on postage. SaskMusic will maintain up-to-date, accredited contact lists and monitor all usage to see which artists are being downloaded, how frequently media personnel are using the system, and more. SaskMusic’s consolidated approach (marketing multiple artists) and name within the industry should ensure a better response than the individual artists would be able to achieve on their own.

From the media professional’s point of view, they simply login in to grab content for an album review, research an artist for an interview, or take a listen to the latest releases. This will give them a single point-of-entry to one large library where they browse through numerous genres, and even search for a specific town name (i.e. looking for an artist from LaRonge) or song title.

From SaskMusic’s point of view, we too want easy access to all our artists’ releases in order to watch trends, gather statistics, provide information to those with questions about our industry, for our own projects/juries, and for other functions such as finding eligible releases for award nominations. It will also give us another great reason to send out regular promotions about our artists.

Note: Commercial radio is already served (for the most part) with releases by DMDS (the Digital Media Delivery System), a North American company which provides music content for airplay consideration to commercial radio stations across North America (and other companies). Artists/labels pay to have their music distributed through that system. Thus, commercial radio is not the main target of this project (for example - if you are doing a commercial single release to radio). Additionally, many college/community stations still prefer to receive hard-copy albums in the mail. In those cases Music2Media will augment rather than replace what they currently prefer to use. We are still offering acces to our system to those in radio who want it.

Media/Groups Served

We are creating the following user group types for the pilot. Other groups of interest will likely be identified as the project progresses.

To be added as project progresses:

It is important to note that personal contact is being made with each media (or other industry) person to introduce them to the system and obtain accreditation. We will only be accrediting individuals who are interested in actively using the system and are interested in Saskatchewan artists for possible review/placements.

We anticipate our initial Hotsheet distribution to take place in September.