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The following is written with Saskatchewan residents in mind.

Login IDs and Passwords

Where do I log in to Tourhub?

You can log in to your Tourhub account via The login link is in the upper right hand corner.

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Where do I get my Tourhub username and password?

SaskMusic members, to request your Tourhub user ID and password, please contact SaskMusic at 1-800-347-0676. Your membership must be current for you to access the site; we can check your status for you.

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Can I change my Tourhub password?

Yes. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log in to Tourhub. After than you can change your password at any time by going to the Edit Account link.

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What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, simply click on the Recover Password tab on the login, and enter your email. Your password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive it, check your junk mail.

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Who administers Tourhub?

Tourhub is administered by all provincial music industry associations (MIAs) involved in the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations (CCMIA), under the management of Music BC.

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I’m concerned about giving Tourhub my data. Who will have access to it?

The only information that Tourhub requires is your name and email address, which is managed by SaskMusic along with your SaskMusic membership. Making any contact information public (for example, when you post confirmed tour dates) is completely optional.

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Why is Tourhub only available to Canadian MIA members?

Tourhub has been developed by the MIAs as one of many benefits of membership.

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Member Accounts

How do I add a new artist profile?

Artist profiles and tours are both located in the Artists & Tours tab. Members can create multiple artist profiles as one user.

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Can I make more than one artist profile?

Yes. If, for example, you are a manager that manages multiple bands and you want to add tours for more than one band, you can create an artist profile for each of them.

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How do I link Tourhub to my Facebook fan page?

At the moment Facebook has changed their fan page coding again so that linking Tourhub to a Facebook fan page is not functional. We are working to fix this problem.

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What information can the public see on from my profile?

Your artist profile displays your band name, bio, and linked social media accounts. It also displays tagged genres, confirmed current/upcoming tour dates, and past tours.

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How do I add a new tour?

To add a tour for an artist:

  1. Click the View Tour(s) button next to the artist name
  2. Current and past tours for that artist profile will be displayed.
  3. To add tour click PLAN NEW TOUR and name it.
  4. By default, the tour will not be public. You are able to make the tour public or not public, depending on whether it is ready to be announced or not. Making it PUBLIC makes viewable by anyone who visits
  5. To add dates, click the VIEW TOUR option, and then EDIT TOUR from the buttons at the top. You will be taken to a map view. Click Add Date/Venue to begin entering the tour.
    • Finding venues can be done by city/date or venue style (genre, capacity, type).
    • Multiple genres or types can be selected by using CTRL+click
  6. Contact info for the venue should be listed in the venue database. You can use this to contact the venue and book your dates before you confirm in Tourhub.
  7. Venues will be shown as red or green on the artists’ tour map. Red means not confirmed, green means confirmed. To confirm the venue, select it from the list  and click “confirmed”.

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What if the venue I want isn’t in the database?

If a known venue is not listed in our database, you have the option to add a venue that they don’t see in the search results by clicking ADD VENUE on the map page. Please make sure you have spelled the name correctly and check alternate spellings before adding a new venue to minimize duplication.

Then fill out all the fields you can about the venue information.

Before it is made public, it will be confirmed by the MIA admin for that province, however you will be able to add it to your tour immediately

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What if a venue has incorrect information?

If you discover some wrong or outdated information about a venue, you have the option of flagging the venue. An email will then be sent to the MIA for that venue’s province, and they will be asked to update the venue info and reset the venue back to “unflagged”.

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How do I add advancing details to a date?

You have the option to enter advancing details for each tour date. Suggested options include Press, Radio and Load-in time, but others can be added via the Add New Item box. Advancing Notes can then be exported to a PDF or excel file.

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How do I add a guest list to a date?
  1. Select “Edit Guest List” beside the tour date (venue)
  2. You can add guests by name and the number of guests joining them and then saving it to the list
  3. After adding all the guests for that show, you can export a PDF and then have a list for that specific show.

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How do I add merch sales to a date?
  • Under EDIT MERCH ITEMS you can enter merch items you are bringing, the initial quantity of each, and item price.
  • You can also add merch sales under each show. You can then enter the number of merch items you sold at that show and the amount.
  • Sales can be exported as a PDF or excel file, but details of sales and revenue are only displayed in the exported file.

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How do I make my tour viewable to the public?

To make your tour viewable to the public, click on View Tours. There will be a link next to your tour which says “Not Public”. Click on that and then select Yes to make that tour public.

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I confirmed some shows on my tour but they don’t show up on the public site.

For your shows to be viewable on the public site you must make the entire tour public. Unconfirmed shows will not show up until you confirm them.

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