Are You Registered With BDS?

by SaskMusic

August 6, 2009 in Songwriting & Copyright

Ensure your songs are registered with BDS to take advantage of DAI technology.

SOCAN takes advantage of Digital Audio Identification (DAI) technology to provide a more complete record of performances on Canadian radio, using census data provided by Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems (BDS).

SOCAN receive 100% census-performance data from approximately 160 radio stations across the country. These represent nearly all of the major stations, covering most genres of music, in all key advertising markets across the country. More than 18 million radio performances will be captured each year, and approximately 65% of all SOCAN’s radio revenue will be distributed based on 100% census data.

BDS routinely receives and encodes (or “fingerprints”) songs from record labels, management companies, radio stations and companies like Musicrypt that use an encrypted, web-based system to transfer music. BDS also conducts its own research to locate and identify both new and legacy songs.

If you are releasing songs to radio and haven’t yet submitted your songs to BDS, you can do so quickly, easily and free of charge at Or contact BDS at or, or by phone at 416-979-4614. As is the case when you register your works with SOCAN, only one of the songwriters of a given song needs to complete the BDS registration. If you’re releasing your songs to commercial radio in major markets, this is an essential step to maximize your royalties. So don’t delay - ensure that you’re registered today.

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By Lorena Kelly for SaskMusic. Originally published Spring 2008.

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