Ramblings from a Twisted Mind: For Sale at Blow-Up Prices!

by SaskMusic

August 4, 2009 in Humour/Commentary

I often take home sound equipment in the heat of passion. You can't blame me for that. It's sexy stuff. But eventually I realize the gear has crowded everything else from my home and I'll be the next to go. At these times, I put some of my treasures up for sale.

Interested in any of the following items? Make an offer!
  • Pianosaurus DX80 Pro. A bold move from a new player in the professional keyboard market…innovative, yet charmingly unpretentious.
  • Delorian 4-Track Recorder. Known for the distinctive "gull wing" design of the cassette compartment door.
  • Roland Whatchimawhosis. I still don't know what this does, and I'm starting to think Roland doesn't know either. When I bought it, I thought "Whatchimawhosis" was German for "Sound Module."
  • Cable Ties - one gross. Technically not sound equipment, but always useful. You can't have too many. I can, but you can't.
All offers - I repeat, all offers - will be considered.


Originally published August 2000.

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