Ramblings from a Twisted Mind: Truth in Music

by SaskMusic

August 4, 2009 in Humour/Commentary

We've been told to write what we know. We may not know much at the best of times and almost nothing before ten in the morning, but whatever we know, we're supposed to write it. What we aren't told is that it's important not to give out too much personal information or too many telling details.

"But, Twisted Girl," you say, "personal songs are the best kind. And didn't some dead white guy say ‘God is in the details'?"

It's possible to take that philosophy too far. Here's something a friend of mine wrote which caused him no end of trouble.

I'm Sorry

Baby, I take back everything I said.
I'm sorry, so sorry I asked you to get weird in bed.
I'm sorry I told you my credit card number is
3065 3300 4780 1301 and it expires in April '02
And I'm sorry I mentioned that guy I killed
About a month before I met you.

We should all remember what my friend said to me while the police were digging up his basement. He said,

"Sometimes a little honesty can go a loooooong way."


Originally published April 2000.

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