CIMA and CCMAU present: Leveraging Data for Success: The Data-Driven Road Map to Building Your Audience


  • April 12, 2024 - Showtime: 12:00pm

About: In today's music landscape, data has become an invaluable tool for artists and their teams, guiding everything from creative decisions to strategic marketing plans and audience growth strategies. Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where industry experts delve into the diverse array of data available to artists and how it can be leveraged effectively not only for decision-making but also for expanding and engaging their audience base.

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Ali Raney - Director - Marketing & Operations, Starseed Records


Anne Stirk - Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Republic Live
Adam Oppenheim - President, Stampede Entertainment
Brooke Morgan - Manager, Label Management, The Orchard
Tera Lee Flaman - Artist Advocate / General Manager, GPS Promotion - GPS Promotion/Sakamoto

Panel Discussion Topics:

Understanding the Data Landscape:

Explore the types of data available to artists, including streaming numbers, social media analytics, chart numbers, consumer insights, and audience demographics, with a specific focus on how these metrics can be used to identify and understand audience preferences and behaviours.

Turning Data into Actionable Insights:

Discuss methodologies for interpreting data effectively and using it to inform not only creative decisions but also audience engagement strategies. Explore how artists and their teams can harness data to identify trends, capitalize on opportunities, and optimize content for maximum impact.

Crafting Compelling Pitches:

Share strategies for utilizing data to tailor pitches to various outlets such as radio stations, DSPs, and promoters. Highlight how understanding audience preferences and market trends can enhance the effectiveness of pitches, leading to successful placements and partnerships that foster audience growth.

Empowering Artists and Teams:

Delve into practical techniques and tools that artists and their teams can use to access and analyze data, empowering them to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward building and engaging their fan base.

Future Trends in Music Data Analytics:

Look ahead to emerging trends and technologies in music data analytics, including advancements in AI and machine learning, and their potential impact on the industry landscape. Discuss how staying abreast of these developments can position artists and their teams for future success in a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

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