FREE WEBINAR: Distribution Deals - A Guide for the Indies


  • November 28, 2023 - Showtime: 12:00pm


Online via Zoom


"Distribution Deals - A Guide for the Indies" Tues. Nov 28,2023 12pm

Speakers: Burt Gidaro – Entertainment Lawyer / Byron Pascoe Partner, Entertainment Lawyer

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Calling all independent music label managers and industry professionals in the world of indie music! Join the exclusive webinar, in partnership with Edwards Creative Law and tailored specifically for CIMA membership, as they delve deep into the intricate world of music distribution with "Distribution Deals - A Guide for the Indies."

This keynote covers crucial topics such as the structure and expectations of distribution deals, the assessment of Major Label partnerships for independent labels, exploration of mid-tier distributors, and understanding the terms of distribution agreements. Presenters will unravel the complexities, compare different distribution models, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you're considering major labels (Foreign owned multinationals), mid-tier options, or DIY distribution with platforms like Merlin, this session equips independent labels with the insights needed to navigate the diverse landscape of distribution deals.


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