MMF CONNECT: NORTH AMERICA - AI discussion panel & virtual networking


  • November 30, 2023 - Showtime: 12:00pm

Catch up with your colleagues, and make new connections from across North America at this virtual networking event, hosted by MMF Canada, MMF-US, and MMF Mexico.  

Kicking off the session, we will have a dynamic online discussion about AI with the Water & Music team, as they share their findings and ideas about what is coming next for the music industry ecosystem.

Water & Music writes: "Creative AI may be the most disruptive technology for the music business since the Napster era of piracy, forcing us to rethink traditional industry notions of creativity, ownership, attribution, and skill development in real time. We are studying how creative AI impacts every step of the industry life cycle — from the initial steps of creation and ideation, to marketing, communication, distribution, and monetization."

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