Digital Recording Academy - Free 1 Day Course presented by Byta & Shure


  • December 7, 2023


Online via Zoom


Best Practices in the Digital Age: Recording, Production and Audio Sharing
Capture and share your best music. A free 1-day course.

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December 7, 2023
Sessions will begin at 10am SaskTime

When releasing music, above all else, it has to sound right… right?! Before sharing your music with collaborators, the media and the music industry, you have to record it.

Digital Recording Academy will offer four sessions to artists and creators to better understand how to properly coordinate and capture all the sounds they need for their recordings. From audio and digital file best practices to planning how to record in most situations. Each session will explore a different challenge that every creator should consider when planning to record and produce digital audio. Discover tips and tricks that will lead to audio wins and being ready to share your work. The day will conclude with a chance to network with fellow participants and instructors.

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In this free, full-day course, presented by Byta & Shure, attendees will gain knowledge from 4 individual courses:

Home Studio
Tips and tricks for your home studio: capture professional and crisp-sounding audio - from music to content
Digital Best Practices
File formats (WTF?), digital and audio security
Voice, Instruments, Rooms
Best practices on getting your sound right
File sharing & working with others

Plus: Q&A session with attendees and instructors

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