C.A.M.P. Sask Arts: Trauma and Cultural Sensitivity Training (T.A.C.T.)


  • May 26, 2023 - Showtime: 6:00pm
  • May 27, 2023 - Showtime: 9:00am
  • May 28, 2023 - Showtime: 9:00am

Community Arts Mentorship Program (CAMP Sask Arts) is very excited to announce Trauma-Informed and Cultural-Sensitivity Training (TACT) at The Refinery in Saskatoon May 26-29, 2023. 

Trauma and Cultural Sensitivity Training (TACT) is for everyone! If you, your organization, or anyone you know is seeking further understanding about cultural appropriation, cultural protocol, white privilege, Treaties, land acknowledgements, trauma, vicarious trauma, intergenerational trauma, reconciliation, what to do with suicide and abuse disclosures, or how to make meaningful community connections, TACT is for you and/or your organization. 

Seeing a need for artists working with vulnerable and remote populations to be educated in these areas, TACT was originally designed as an artist training course delivered to enhance the understanding of arts delivery through a culturally-sensitive and mental health perspective while building well-being and resilience for arts facilitators. We are now offering training to all organizations wanting to expand their knowledge in these areas. 

A course that enhances understanding of arts delivery through a culturally-sensitive/mental-health perspective, while building well-being/resilience for facilitators, which enables future residencies with remote/under-served Indigenous communities. 

Having artists and community members acquire this training will enable more people to work confidently and closely with remote and under-served Indigenous and Metis communities in Saskatchewan. This will result in strengthening and addressing the need for Reconciliation in our province, as well as providing opportunities for intergenerational and intercultural connections in these communities during workshops and residencies. 

Register here

The fee for this course is set at $100. The low cost of registration has been made possible through grants and partnerships with SaskCulture and The National Arts Centre.

Training begins Friday May 26 6-9 pm, Saturday May 27 9 am-9 pm, and Sunday May 28 9 am-12 pm. 

About the course

CAMP was recognized with a Saskatchewan Music Industry Achievement Award in 2021 and 2022 for their work in engaging under-served and remote Saskatchewan communities in music, arts, and cultural programming. Together, Eliza Doyle and Holly Yuzicapi have designed the TACT training course to help educate artists and community members in a better understanding of working with community through the lens of a Trauma-Informed and Cultural-Sensitive perspective. The TACT course is designed to enhance participants' understanding of community engagement through a culturally-sensitive and mental health perspective.

Participants will be educated in cultural appropriation, cultural protocol, systemic racism, colonialism, white privilege, Treaties, land acknowledgements, trauma, vicarious trauma, intergenerational trauma, Reconciliation & Art, what to do with suicide and abuse disclosures, and how to make meaningful community connections when working with remote and under-served communities.

Since 2019, Eliza Doyle (Musician, Settler) has been working with Holly Yuzicapi (Knowledge Keeper, Standing Buffalo) in remote, underserved and vulnerable communities in Saskatchewan. Strengthening the role music and art play in culture, community, identity, and self-esteem for youth, adults and Elders is one of the goals of the non-profit CAMP. Currently, CAMP works in 8 communities, delivering 10 programs annually, and has distributed over 50 donated instruments into the hands of those unable to afford or acquire them.

KEY LEADERS: Holly Yuzicapi (Knowledge Keeper, Workshop Coordinator, Cultural Sensitivity, Protocol, Appropriation, and Reconciliation and Art) and Eliza Doyle (Settler, Workshop Coordinator, Administration, Grants, Residencies & Community), Rand Teed (Trauma and Addictions) Leah Mitsuing (Trauma and Mental Health Supports), Mitchell Dureault (Systemic Racism, White Privilege, Colonialism, Treaties), Elder Joseph Naytowhow. The way the course curriculum has been designed is a model for Reconciliation in the province, and this remains a strong objective of the workshop.

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