Skinny Dyck And Aladean Kheroufi


Aladean Kheroufi
Skinny Dyck


  • November 10, 2023 - Doors at: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm


Unfortunately, Jenn Grant has had to cancel her Regina appearance due to personal reasons. However, we are still going ahead with the show as a double bill with the openers, Skinny Dyck and Aladean Kheroufi - both incredible musicians in their own right. If you require a refund, please contact Thank you for your understanding! 

Show Details:
Skinny Dyck and Aladean Kheroufi
Date: Friday, November 10th, 2023
Doors: 7:00PM
Show: 8:00PM
Tickets: $20.00 in advance online or in person at Paper Umbrella (2724 13th Avenue), or $27.00 at the door

*Advance tickets close at 5:00 PM day-of-show. Additional tickets will be available at the door unless it is officially labelled SOLD OUT*

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About Aladean Kheroufi:

Aladean Kheroufi Canadian by way of Algeria is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and DJ  based in Edmonton, Alberta. He writes songs that are idiosyncratic, soulful and devastating with a glass-half-full optimism that turns heartbreak into melancholy party anthems. 

At age 17 Aladean started touring as a sideman through Canada, USA, Europe and the UK as a session player  which led to spots performing within acts such as The Velveteins and Marlaena Moore. As part of these set ups,  Kheroufi opened for the likes of Angel Olsen, Night Beats and Orville Peck, whilst as a solo artist, he has  performed alongside both Michael Rault and Daniel Romano. During the years Aladean always made sure to stop  at record stores to dig for something deeper; after four years mostly spent on the road he stationed himself in  NYC to absorb the culture of the city and immerse himself in soul music. Upon returning to Canada, he shifted his  focus from being a sideman to working on music in his home studio. 

Aladean’s sound focuses on minimalism - like the confidence of the quietest parts of Curtis Mayfield’s, LIVE! or the faux-simplicity of Sunny Ozuna’s genre-bending Tear Drop and Key-Loc output. Yet somehow Aladean’s songs don’t sound old, they sound comfortably made today with respect to the music of the past. He released his debut single “Sorry If I Hurt You’ b/w ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ in February 2020 via Kimberlite Records to critical acclaim followed by a covers EP ‘Beauty Beyond Grief’ - in August 2020 on Keeping On Records.

About Skinny Dyck:

Twang savant Skinny Dyck has put on weight since his debut LP Get to Know Lonesome (2020) – a delight to fans of traditional country music but in equal measure with an alternative-leaning audience.  On first listen, the Lethbridge, Alberta-based singer/songwriter/session steel guitar player may sound like a throwback to classic country artists of the 1960s, but get to know him a little better and it’s clear that he’s firmly part of the new generation of artists pushing country forward into the 21st Century. “I think that’s a result of the aesthetic and the sandwiches” relays Dyck about his penchant toward a tape-saturated, mid-fi sonicscape, coupled with sparse arrangements. Led by the success of the twangy indie-rocker Dreamin’, Get to Know Lonesome found an audience for capturing the “distilled spirit of wide-cut country” (Exclaim!) out of a few days with an 8-track machine in his living room.

Skinny makes strides on his latest EP, Palace Waiting (Sept 2022).  Produced with Billy Horton (Charley Crockett, Theo Lawrence) in Texas, Skinny capitalizes with brevity on Palace Waiting, pouring an equal measure of traditional country and austere country folk. "The proverbial Palace exists for everyone," says Skinny. "Maybe a swing set with a view of the river, or perhaps a little dram of forgiveness you find for yourself after another year of wandering with the lights on long after the party's over."

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