The Exchange Presents: Allegaeon




  • May 23, 2023 - Doors at: 7:00pm

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Over the past fifteen years, Colorado’s Allegaeon have built themselves a unique place in the musical landscape, forcing both technicality and melody to the forefront as they create tumultuous and riveting death metal. With DAMNUM, their sixth full-length, they push everything further into the extreme, and in the process deliver the definitive Allegaeon record, which while forging into new territory, takes everything compelling about the band and enhances it. “With this album, it was more about knowing what we didn’t want,” states vocalist Riley McShane. “We didn’t want to keep knocking on the same creative door that wasn’t ever getting opened. We didn’t want to force ourselves to stay in a box that had been built for ourselves over the years.” Involving all five members in the writing process for the first time ever also helped open up their perspectives, to the betterment of the music. “With all that in mind, it gave us a new creative landscape to hold vantage over, and really let us run down paths that each of us had carved out for ourselves. Bringing that together was also a huge process for us, but I think going through it together had a significant impact on the resulting album.“

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