Winterruption -- The Big Band Theory 'Latin Nights'!


Footnotes Big Band
Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra
Stone Frigate Big Band
University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble


  • January 28, 2023 - Showtime: 7:30pm

January 28th, 7:30PM at the Broadway Theatre! Tickets are $20/person!

We have a working theory… That many humans in the dead of winter would enjoy 1 night to hear 4 big bands playing jazz! Join us for the first-ever meeting of the bands featuring the U of S Jazz Ensemble, Stone Frigate Big Band, Footnotes Big Band and the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra. 2 fun-filled sets of music with 2 bands per set, on January 28, 2023! We’ve subtitled this concert 'Latin Nights’ to provide a bit of a theme for the event. Come enjoy music from Saskatoon created especially for Winterruption 2023!

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