Tucker Lane vs. the Pretenders


Tucker Lane vs. the Pretenders


  • October 28, 2022 - Showtime: 8:30pm

Tickets are $25 - $35 available online HERE

Singer Leslie Stanwyck and bassist Johnny Sinclair have an impressive rock pedigree. As members of the internationally acclaimed band The Pursuit of Happiness, they made two hit albums: Love Junk (1988) and One-Sided Story (1990). In the early 90s Leslie and Johnny formed Universal Honey and over the ensuing years produced seven albums and toured extensively in Europe and North America. After moving to Saskatoon in 2015 they formed Tucker Lane and released their debut album West of Minnesota, North of North Dakota. Tucker Lane was nominated for Best New Group at the 2017 SCMAs and earned a spot on the national cast of TeleMiracle 43.

The group’s second album, Random Fireworks on a Beach Obscured by Trees, was mixed by award-winning producer Bart McKay and released in January 2021. The album received critical praise with Tucker Lane being nominated for Group of the Year at the SCMAs and being voted #10 in the top albums of 2021 by the Saskatchewan Music Association.

In addition to a set of Tucker Lane tunes, the band will play a set featuring the hits of the Pretenders.



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