The Irish Rovers


The Irish Rovers


  • March 27, 2023 - Showtime: 8:00pm

In 2022 The legendary Irish Rovers return to Canadian stages for a celebration of their lifetime of bringing Irish music to us all – with release of their 2020 CD, “No End In Sight”.

The Rovers 2020 release, “Saints And Sinners” is their most autobiographical album to date. The previous album “Up Among the Heather - The Scottish Album” reflects the Scots influence on their Northern Irish roots.

Canada has been home to the Rovers since its inception in the early 60s. Millar says, “It’s been a bit odd, being from both Ireland and Canada. Some fans have found it confusing as well, asking where we’re from. At times I’ve felt like a man with no country.” This lead to the song “Band Without A Country” from their 2020 album “Saints And Sinners” which tells the story from Ireland to Toronto and beyond, See VIDEO:

Over the last 57 years, Ireland has felt the impact of The Irish Rovers long career of bringing Ireland and Irish music to the rest of the world. Their homeland honoured them with an official Mayor’s Reception and sold out gig in the their hometown of Ballymena. Dublin’s EPIC Museum Director Mervyn Greene considers the Irish Rovers as one of Ireland’s greatest émigrés: “The Irish Rovers are iconic, world class and with very a long career. That’s important to us in Ireland. They’ve truly taken Ireland with them and shown the world.”  Curator Nathan Mannion added, “The vault that boasts the Irish Rovers display has repeatedly been voted the museum’s most popular by our visitors. It explores how emigrants and those of Irish origin have impacted the world through music and dance.”

Irish Rovers fans should fasten their seat belts for a rollicking night of the hits, Rovers latest, and hilarious stories from their years on the road. "Their songs have become anthems of revelry and joy among generation after generation of fans."  Belfast Telegraph, 2010


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