SJO: Dimensions in Sound




  • June 13, 2022 - Showtime: 7:30pm

The Dimensions In Sound project is an exploration in human perception and how we perceive music.

Professional visual artist Allyson Glenn has embraced her unique way of experiencing music as a synesthete through teaming up with the SJO A.D. Dean McNeill and Saskatchewan composers Paul Suchan and Silas Friesen; this show will feature original music matched to Allyson’s original visual art, all of which has been created (i.e. premiered) for this show! Repertoire for this concert will also include works by Radiohead, Pat Metheny and others like-minded composers. The show is certain to ignite your musical senses!

To create the original repertoire for this event the composers interviewed Allyson, gaining insight into what sorts of musical sounds most strongly ‘activate’ her synesthesia. They wrote music inspired by these interviews and Allyson in turn created a visual animated movie landscape reflecting her own reactions to this newly composed music. This show is certain to inspire and provide insight into the creative process on many levels.

The SJO is thrilled to be joined by Grammy Award winning musician, composer, producer, and educator Larnell Lewis, who will help us bring to life Allyson's artwork in unique an unexpected ways.

Live Streaming:

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If you would rather live stream the concert at home or watch the concert on demand after it has premiered, you can do that too. You will be able to purchase access to the concert live stream directly through the SJO.

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SJO's Website: Dimensions in Sound

Proof of Full Vaccination Required. The SJO will be asking all eligible in-person audience members to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.



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