Cancer Bats! W/ Single Mothers And Sharptooth


Cancer Bats!
Single Mothers


  • September 15, 2019 - Showtime: 8:00pm


Exchange/The Club

2431 8th Ave, Regina, SK, CA

  • Advance Cost: $22.00
  • Door Cost: $22.00

Cancer Bats! w/ Single Mothers and Sharptooth 
September 15, 2019 
Tickets: $22.00 in advance. On sale online HERE

The Exchange
2431 8th Avenue 
All ages! All the time! 

Cancer Bats 
“The Spark That Moves” is Cancer Bats at its finest. Combining all of the elements from their last 5 releases, the 11 tracks that make up the album blend together the bands most melodic moments with their most aggressive, becoming a savage sprint of hardcore, punk, sludge, and metal that leaves the listener craving more. Drummer Mike Peters and lead bass player Jaye Schwarzer seamlessly collide together like two wild beasts, while guitarist Scott Middleton blasts his signature layers of squeals and destruction over top. All of this thunderously led by singer Liam Cormier’s now fully formed melodic growl as he fires both positive, inspiring lyrics and scorching damnation as displayed on album opener “Gate Keeper”. Without skipping a beat, they fire on track 2, “Brightest Days”, shifting back to a classic Bats positive party anthem. The record seamlessly keeps this pace of raw, catchy, anthemic, metal and punk. Halfway through it breathes with the melodic standout “Bed Of Nails”, a touch of desert rock they add into the mix before diving back into the chaos that is “Head Wound”. This pace continues right until the crushing album closer “Winterpeg”, an ode to the very city they recorded in, featuring guest vocals from Chris Hannah of the legendary Winnipeg punk band, Propagandhi. 

Single Mothers
Canadian hardcore founded by lead singer Drew Thomson. They've gone through a series of incarnations and traded/lost many members over their career but Thomson has always remained the driving force and cornerstone of the aggressive, poetic project. 

Honest, explosive, and unapologetically enraged, Sharptooth focuses the brutality of hardcore through a femme lens, and believes in carving out space for marginalized voices in aggressive music.



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