Man Meat, Hex Beat & Counterfeit Jeans


Counterfeit Jeans
Hex Beat
Man Meat


  • May 16, 2019 - Showtime: 9:00pm

MAN MEAT - Local
A bleak and despondent blast of post-punk menace with a healthy appetite for chaos and dark greys. Equal parts compelling exhaustion and self-assured right-cross.

HEX BEAT - Edmonton
The soundtrack to your next dystopian joy ride.
Combined with effective rolling drumbeats, relentless bass lines and infectious guitar and vocal hooks. Hex Beat is a trifecta of 80s post punk, sprinkled with new wave alternative punk.
Hex Beat has set the standard for uniqueness in Edmonton.

Some band from Edmonton

Buy merch. Don't be a dick.
$10 at the door
Show up for all the bands
Probably some kind of tall can special going on
It's a weekday so obviously the show will be over a little bit earlier.


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