Enterprise Earth And Aethere With Dusty Tucker And Cryptorchids


Dusty Tucker
Enterprise Earth


  • March 16, 2019 - Showtime: 8:30pm

Saturday March 16 at Black cat tavern, Saskatoon SK. Doors at 8:30 Bands at 9:00.

$20 adv $25 doors 19+ no minors (ID req) available HERE

Tickets available at Black cat tavern Saskatoon or from Cryptorchids and Lanky Productions

Enterprise Earth- A punishing technical deathcore outfit based out of Spokane, Washington, Enterprise Earth was founded in 2014 by ex-Infant Annihilator vocalist Dan Watson and ex-Takeover guitarist BJ Sampson. Taking their name from a confluence of Illuminati and other conspiracy theories, the band issued their debut EP, XXIII, shortly after forming. They released their debut album Patient Ø in 2015. Which featured guest appearances from Oceano vocalist Adam Warren -- the LP reached number five on Billboard's Heatseekers/Top New Artist Chart. Their latest album Embodiment was mixed and mastered by Buster Douglas Odeholm and came out in the Spring of 2017. Enterprise Earth has toured with Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel, Within The Ruins, Winds of Plague, Summer Slaughter 2016 and continue to make their mark in the metal/deathcore world.

Aethere- Aethere is a metal band from the Bay Area in California. Throughout their career they have endured changes that would eventually shape them into the band they are today. Crushing music accompanied by heavy lyrics dealing with dissociation and depression, the band brings something new and honest to the realm of heavy music they fall into. With elements of blackened deathcore, syncopated breakdowns, technical death metal, and nods to hardcore, Aethere’s sound is fueled by raw emotion while refusing to follow any genre guidelines that may be presented.

Dusty Tucker-
It was winter time 2009 and five different guys living five different lives subconsciously shared an idea. It was the coldest place on earth that day in red deer, and from the remains of projects past a band did appear.
Unclear, uncertain, way too loud and far too proud, five young, dumb, stubborn boys fought each other and together to write what they would call songs. It didn't take long the beauty of youth is imagination.
With a kick and a snare a bang, boom, crash some flyin' fingers screamin' stories the thunder rumblin' and at last “ Locked, Loaded & Ready for Bear” their first EP�was unleashed.
All things considered it did quite well, but soon after the release it all went to hell. The pressures of life, gold and green sent a good set of hands north, without a paddle �alone and lost way upstream. But nothing could stop that rumble, beat, and scream. The next step for these boys was to pump life back into their city's desolate scene.
“Dun Went & Got Gone” the second EP got people to shows and served quite nicely. Tonight we're "Gettin' Goonied" start the party, crush the shows, do the work, and believe in it truly. We just weren't ready to let it die.
"The North Stone” and the story continues, Dusty Tucker’s first full length album. A western tale told in twelve tracks with heroes and villains and musical movements back to back. This album feels alive and is now beginning to fester and thrive. All crowd funded by the funest of crowds, this album delivers with every listen and never lets the listener down.
The shows are growing, along with the idea. The hum is louder now than ever before like a train approaching right outside of your door. Fans young and old, the new and the dated, the dear ones that saw after us from the beginning want more. The people that doubted us wouldn’t work with us or just “didn’t get it” can no longer ignore. There is something here. There is something in the air, you can feel, taste, hear and smell it as you walk on to stage. Dusty Tucker is an idea, an escape, the band and the wagon, and all are more than welcome.
Approaching 8 years in November same goal so many members, to make something that out lives you, that people can forget their 9 to 5s, party, and just get into.
Imagine imagination. A group of boys, who formed a band, who grew to men, that still believe in - what they do… Northern Rock.

Cryptorchids-Ghouls, ghosts, tales of woe, monster parties and cyber sex in the 90s. Set to meaty riffs hung up on catchy hooks and tenderized by terrifying rhythms



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