Killitorous with Sakred and Wasted Heretics


  • December 13, 2018

Thursday Dec 13 at Black cat tavern, Saskatoon SK. Doors at 8:30 Bands at 9:00.

$15 adv HERE  $20 doors 19+ no minors

Killitorous consists of The Passion to "grind" and the general love of fast paced Technical - Death - Metal...we wanted to be the band we never saw.

Formed in 2006-07, the band is formed of current as well as ex-members of Suffocation(Nuclear Blast Records), Blind Witness, Vital Remains (Century Media Records), Annihilator(UDR Records, The Kindred (Sumerian Records) and First Fragment & Immersed (Unique Leader Records) & Divine Realm....+

The band and is set by creating music in the light of the bands they grew up loving. Killitorous is excited to be releasing their 2nd album “The Afterparty” after so many years of hard work and perseverance

SaKred - Churning in your grave you hear a noise. Your soul gets sucked into an inferno of heavy chugging. Screams high enough to ear pierce Lucifer himself. You open your eyes to a Queen Maiden of death annihilating drums designed in the pits of flesh. Behind her 3 demons of glory playing body parts held together by strings and one dead angel screaming his face off with flesh falling from his face.

We. Are. SaKreD

Wasted Heretics - Wasted Heretics was formed in early 2016 by Carly brown, Michael Pichula, Nolan Ochitwa, Reid Paraszczynec, and Skylar Tizzard. Wasted Heretics' music is defined by vocals that range from deep growls to howling shrieks, thunderous, dynamic, drum work, heavy, groove based rhythms, and dissonant, haunting melodies. Their music is inspired by an eclectic range of influences within metal genres, and from influences outside of metal, that give Wasted Heretics a unique tone.


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