Dumb Angel with Paddy Tutty and Chris Sleightholm at the Roxy Theatre


Dumb Angel
Paddy Tutty
Chris Sleightholm (Snake River)


  • November 2, 2018 - Doors at: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm

“On his latest album Shaun Mason fully inhabits sun-kissed psychedelic pop that meanders yet never loses its purpose. Dumb Angel has always leaned heavily on heavenly vocal harmonies, and on “Wanted, Needed, Loved” – the first offering from the forthcoming Broken Glass – Mason manages to weave a complicated web of harmony that is blissful and poignant and still somehow manages to squeeze in a lil’ bit of fist-pumping rock goodness in as well.” - Ominocity

"(A) work of folky acoustica with occasional pop and rock elements - and a hint of spacey psychedelia … a really good album with much to explore and much to recommend." - Terrascope, on Eight Moments of Spring

“Dumb Angel was always good --- but he’s really found his moment in time, well, eight of them really, with this album. It’s not only one of the best recent albums of its kind, but also one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.” - Planet S, on Eight Moments of Spring

“A collection of beautiful folk songs.” - Bloody Underrated, on Eight Moments of Spring

“On his third full-length, Mason revisits his usual spaced-out folk muse, but adds a welcome layer of dynamics and musicianship.” - Ominocity, on Eight Moments of Spring



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