Manitou Boogaloo


  • July 13, 2018 - Showtime: 7:00pm

Manitou Boogaloo
Fri. July 13th, 7pm-12pm
Danceland, Manitou Beach, SK.
Cash Bar/Concession
Fun for the Whole Family

Taking place at legendary Danceland, "home of the world famous floating dance floor built on horsehair".

There will be a silent auction and games of chance for the whole family.

Hosted by Kevin McGuigan-Scott and Brenda Jackson

STRICT POLICY: no alcohol on the dance floor.

Featuring live performances by:

The Garrys
If Ed Sullivan and The Shangri-Las went on a date, they would dance to The Garrys. Blood harmony surf garage on morphine.

Ellen Froese & the Hot Toddies
Hailing from a dairy farm in central Saskatchewan, young hip-swinger-folk-singer Ellen Froese is not Joan Baez or a sheep, but the vibrato in her voice may suggest otherwise. As both a solo folk artist (with and without a back-up band) and a member of the bluegrass/folk group In With The Old, there is no doubt that Ellen is a busy bee, balancing the multiple performances and projects of her two artistic endeavors. One of Ellen’s very first gigs was a 2014 opening slot for Catherine MacLellan at the Bassment in Saskatoon; two years later, she was headlining the venue herself after the success of her first solo album release, Get on With the Blues. From a young age and over a short period of time, she has clearly proven herself to be a valued addition to the world of folk music through her poignant vocals and raw talent in musicianship.

Wolf Willow
Alt - western swing band from the fictional town of Darston Saskatchewan

The Karpinka Brothers
The Karpinka Brothers may very well be the truest and purest artists to ever come out of Saskatchewan. Their sound bridges a curious gap between Van Morrison, Joel Plaskett, and outsider artists like Daniel Johnston. You Can Count On Me, the band’s third album since 2008, is weighted with songs of forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding, which shouldn’t come as any surprise given that the brothers volunteer regularly to perform at a local longterm care home. Their songwriting and delivery is honest, blunt, and heartwarming – descriptors that can easily be misread as trivial, but they ring so true in the context of this album.

Advance Tickets available at Picatic and at Relics Antique Store in Manitou Beach.

Manitou Boogaloo is a fundraiser to raise awareness and support for community cats in the Manitou/Watrous area through Manitou Beach Cat Allies:



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