Haley Blais


Haley Blais


  • May 15, 2018 - Showtime: 8:00pm

Haley Blais
Let Yourself Go Tour - EP out everywhere April 7th

with guests

**The show is by donation. All advance ticket holders will get a download of Haley's new EP "Let Yourself Go" with purchase.

It's hard not to fall in love with Haley Blais as she expertly puts the human experience into song. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Blais began her musical career as a solo folk artist.

In 2013, while her friends went off to university, Blais found a creative outlet for her music creating a Youtube channel - a platform where her no holds barred, theatrically quirky, and authentic personality took flight.

A prolific creative force, Blais breaks down the wall between artist and audience. Her sometimes self-deprecating, yet always self-loving relatability earned her a massive online following, racking in million views on her Youtube channel. In 2016, audience demand pulled her offline and into the real world, with the release of her debut EP Late Bloomer and a successful tour with a full backing band.

Let Yourself Go, a 5 track EP, to be released in April 2018, sees the artist continue to grow personally and musically with a fully formed indie-pop sound. While Late Bloomer focused on the grief of a former self, Let Yourself Go showcases Blais in full bloom.

Drawing comparisons to heavy-hitters like Feist, The Cranberries and Cat Power, the EP's lead single "Small Foreign Faction" has already taken the internet by storm, collecting critical acclaim and bolstering over 150,000 streams within weeks of release.

Haley will take the show on the road with a three week cross-Canada tour before venturing to the US later this year.

"One of Vancouver's most promising up-and-comers. - Beatroute Magazine

"If there was an Olympic gold medal for best upbeat, sad indie pop song this year, it would go to Haley Blais" - Indieshuffle

"Blais' strongest attributes as a songwriter is her ability to be real with an audience, not looking for pity, but instead just spewing out her emotions in a way that will connect and resonate with so many." - MusicExistence.com


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