Screaming at Traffic (WPG) w/ Tomorrow Starts Today + Trash Hawks


  • March 16, 2018 - Showtime: 9:00pm

Winnipeg punk rockers Screaming at Traffic are heading west in support of their debut EP "S.A.T."! Join them and acts, Trash Hawks and Tomorrow Starts Today at Cloud 9 Live in Regina.

Screaming at Traffic (WPG)
Screaming at Traffic is a punk-rock band from Winnipeg, MB, touring through Western Canada in support of their debut EP "S.A.T". The album premiered at and was praised as "...a proper fun punk rock listen, is catchy, yet rough around the edges." The EP also hit #9 on the Earshot Loud chart in December 2017.
Screaming at Traffic's no-frills noise-punk riffing is reminiscent of contemporary rockers like PUP and Milk Teeth, while the group's frenzied live performance and raw, yet melodic songwriting calls back to gems of the 80's and 90's, like Bad Religion, and Husker Du.

Tomorrow Starts Today
Tomorrow Starts Today emerges, guns-blazing, from a long tradition of underground music coming out of Western Canada. This prairie-based three piece is an explosive force of high speed, aggressive punk rock that blends harmony and heaviness into unforgettable songs; songs that have that pure punk energy that is refreshing and exciting in the modern climate of heavy music. The band’s live performance is equally as explosive, given the passion and technical proficiency the band brings to the genre. TST now carries the torch that was lit by such significant Canadian punk-rockers as Choke, Propagandhi and SNFU, and draw influences from some of the heavyweights of punk rock history, such as Strung Out, Good Riddance and NOFX.

Trash Hawks
Punk rock that'll get you all fired up. Piña Piñalta Colada EP coming out Feb 23.


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